Had a great time on “The Daily Buzz”


My Sea World Antarctica Commercial Voice Over

Here is my voice over that I did for Sea World. My voice is the 2nd and 3rd voice.

As always, thank you for all your support!!!

I was finally able to meet the full cast of Peter Peacekeeper this past weekend. Here I am with the other 3 teenage girls. So excited and can’t wait to get in full swing with filming this feature film.



Voice Over for Sea World Antarctica


The next time you see the Sea World “Antarctica” commercial, you will probably hear my voice. My voice is the 2nd and 3rd voice you will hear. It is now airing on TV as well as playing on the radio. As soon as I get a copy, I will post.

As always, thanks for all your wonderful support!

Here are some recent new pictures!

Brianna Hope-14 e web Brianna Hope-36 e web Brianna Hope-94 e web Brianna Hope-129 e web Brianna Hope-132 e web Brianna Hope-233 e web Brianna Hope-252 e web Brianna Hope-275 e web Brianna Hope-277 e web

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