Industry Comments


Brianna as Talent

“Brianna Hope Beaton is the true meaning of what you want in a young person and a working actor. Her stage and camera presence is fantastic. Along with her dynamic personality she has totally wow’d many top names in Hollywood directors and casting agents as well as other talent actors alike. In just 24 months in working with her talent we’ve seen her develop into a real talent for the spotlight. When I started working with Brianna she served a minor extra part in an educational series project and because of her commitment to working and developing today she is being considered for leading roles by many top production companies, producers and casting directors. I worked with Brianna in TV, e-learning, web, modeling, and voice acting for the past 4 years and she’s truly amazing. She always brings an A+ game. Not only is she great on screen she has an excellent record for balancing fun time, academics, and script reads. She’s a terrific reader and takes direction well. As an honor roll student and active athlete she demonstrates leadership abilities along with a heart of caring for others. Brianna is leaps and bounds over many talents now but what is truly impressive is that she hasn’t even uncovered a fraction of her potential. Brianna is a little ray of sunshine on screen and off.

A happy 5 star recommendation!!

Book this girl.”

Owner – Dallas Deane Anioce – Digital Content and Mobile Learning Producer at Discovery Communications – Owner at Cartwheel BrainSparq


“I loved taking her photos again, she’s got such a great personality and she’s beautiful!”

Owner – Nicole Mitchem – Nicole Mitchem Photography



“A special Talent”

Television Talent and Acting Coach – Kathy Bee



A very talented young lady”

President – Rosanna Kingston – Give a Kid a Backpack



Honk Jr. Play Performance

“I’m glad it was a good experience for her and that she had fun! We could tell she was having fun!! It was wonderful working with such a talented young lady and watching her truly be successful!! I would say they had Brianna in mind when writing the part of the cat, but she wasn’t born yet!! :)”

Drama Director – Mary Kay DeSimone



Peter Pan Play Performance

“It is such a treat to watch her learn and grow into such a fine actress!”

Director Katie Corrie – In the Limelight Productions



Stanislavski Techniques 1, 2 and 3

“Brianna is a terrific kid. Not only does she have a great spirit, she is also a focused, driven and passionate about her craft. It is really a great connection to have her go through the Stanislavski Techniques. I am pleased with how successful she has been with memorizing her lines and is starting to understand her character. Brianna is a terrific team player and continues to fit in beautifully with the In the Limelight family. We are honored to be such an important part of her performing arts training. You will be THRILLED with her progress!”

Director – Katie Corrie – In the Limelight Productions


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