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KIDS FIRST! 2012 Film Critic Winners Announced – Congratulations to Brianna!!!

Please join me in congratulating Brianna on being selected to represent KIDS FIRST! for 2012.  Brianna was one of 8 kids selected.  The media and press releases were already made and I wanted to make sure all of you were notified.  Thanks so much for all your support!!!!!

The focus of the KIDS FIRST! film critics program is teaching children healthy media habits, as well as strong critical thinking, writing and public speaking skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.  This is truly an amazing opportunity.  Thanks to the celebrity judges for selecting Brianna (Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Ben Lyons, E! film critic, Thelma Adams and George Pennacchio).

In Brianna’s new role as film critic, she will be interviewing Directors, Producers and Celebrities.  Brianna will also be attending pre-screenings, red carpet events and premiers.  She will receive advanced copies of films prior to them showing in the theaters.  In addition to video reviews she will also complete written reviews of the films.  Finally, she will participate in a radio show as well.  

Brianna has already begun her duties as a film critic with her weekly conference calls and getting ready to review her first film. 

Congratulations Brianna!!!! 

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