Brianna is running to be one of 8 Kids First Film Critics – We need your votes!!!

Thank you, thank you and thank you for always supporting me – I really appreciate everything!!!

As you know, I am running to be one of 8 Kids First Film Critics.  I am currently in 1st place and was interviewed by Voice American Kids First radio show last week.  This internet radio show was just ranked the #1 show on the Voice American Kids network!! It was a lot of fun, the staff at Kids First are wonderful and here is the link.  The interview with Brianna starts about 30 minutes into the interview, but the whole show is really great!!! Please listen to the whole show!! Don’t forget to bookmark it for future reference!!!!  Although I am leading, I still need lots of votes!!

Please visit  Brianna is reviewing Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Review the video, click on the 5th star to add 5 stars to her total.  This assignment would last for one year.  Voting has been extended to 1/15/12. Have your family and friends vote as often as they can too. 


Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, War Horse

December 13, 2011
Hosted by Anthony Aranda, Ny’Asia Bell, Gabriella Chu, Makai Colvin, Sam Connan, Raven Devanney, Daniel Menegaz, and Jonah Menegaz

Tune into this week’s episode of KIDS FIRST! Coming attractions to talk with Mallory Lewis (yes, daughter of Shari Lewis) and the absolutely adorable little Lamb Chop about their new show opening this month. We visit with the leading candidate of the KIDS FIRST! 2012 critic search, Brianna Beaton and review the HDNet KidScene movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and talk about Gabriella Chu’s experience on the Red Carpet for the new Steven Spielberg movies, War Horse which opens on Christmas day. Catch all of this with your host Raven Devanney and critics Makai Colvin and Gabriella Chu.


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